I wish…

I wish that we were designed more like jawbreakers.

 Every year on your birthday you shed your skin and the new skin is a different color….


This boy….

This boy was born with HLHS. But he weighed 7 lbs 2 oz. This boy had open-heart surgery. But he is a soldier. This boy couldn’t eat all he needed. So he got a feeding tube. This boy recovered. But needed another heart surgery. This boy had his second heart surgery. But recovery was harder this time. This boy went into cardiac arrest in his mother’s arms. But they brought him back. This boy needed a heart transplant. But he had a stroke. This boy still needed a heart transplant. But needed to wait for the right one. This boy was getting the highest dose of a medication to keep his heart pumping. But he had family to help him fight the battle. This boy received his heart gift when he was 8 months old. But the donor had to walk with God. This boy was able to live. But ….. It doesn’t end there.

Please donate your organs. You could save someone’s whole world.

A place to scream…

As the mother of a child who is considered “special needs”, I have a mountain of challenges to face. But the most frustrating …. His choice to try or not to try. I cannot make him try. I can move his body with my arms, but it’s his arm that has to do the work and his leg that has to use muscles to move. He has to decide to push through the pain. 

But he won’t.

I can’t say I really blame him, but as a mother, I want the best for my children. I want him to want it too, but that’s not in my control. Sometimes when I’m working with him and he … just…..won’t. It can be super frustrating. And I tend to get angry. This explanation puts it very lightly. 

It hurts sooo much to see him not try, to be so easily distracted, to not look me in the eyes. 

My son had a stroke at 5 months old while he was in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant. 

He has made great strides in other areas. He knows his colors and shapes, he can count and sing songs, he can eat food and play games. He is an amazing personality and I love him with everything I am, just like I love all my family. But when it gets tough…

I need a sound proof room I can just go inside and scream out all the hurt, sadness and pain. Because I’ve killed too many pillows.

Country Driving 101

As someone who has learned to drive in the country on dirt roads and roads with lots of curves and hills. I would like to share with you the best way to drive in these areas. 

When driving down a hill, don’t brake, chances are there is another hill coming up so instead just coast…. That means take your foot off the gas and the momentum from the downhill slope will help you get up the next hill and save gas.

When driving through a curve, do not speed into the curve then brake last minute and do not brake in the middle of the curve, this will waste gas. Instead coast before the curve  or if you must brake do it before the curve, coast through most of the curve then accelerate through the last part of the curve.

If you are leisure driving and someone speeds up behind you, safely pull over to let them by. Driving slower to slow the car behind you can be dangerous. If they want to speed, it’s better to let the police deal with them.

If you drive a big truck, drive it like a truck not like a bicycle, your truck will not fall apart if you drive over a pothole, but don’t hog the road either. There is plenty for everyone.

If you drive an expensive car, don’t drive on a dirt road unless you must. They are not designed for such punishment.

If you like racing, Great! Keep it on the racetrack! 

If you are an older person who has trouble driving, chances are there is someone near you who loves driving. Reach out for help.

Finally, NEVER drink and drive! Back roads are still roads. Drive responsibly !!!

News at Eleven

News was… Information about current events given in the form of paper and broadcast by people who had followed leads and done their homework on the subject.

News now… Speculation of current events and entertainment with a sprinkling of fact over long periods in every form you can imagine by people who want to voice their opinions.

How is this News? NEWS defined is only a report of current events. Meaning there is nothing about fact in News. Yes, we all want the facts, but the people who deliver the News to us are not obligated to provide facts. REPORT defined is only an announcement or account of an event. Again nothing about fact! 

The word FACT is defined simply as a truth, reality, or something known to be true. So if you are like me and have trouble with the continuous amount of speculation and opinion brought to us in a NEWS REPORT. Keep in mind, what you really want is not the News, but the TRUTH. Until they call it Truth at Eleven, we will have to speculate on their speculations. But that’s my opinion.